About Us


TJ Assurance Partners PAC is a registered public accountant corporation with ACRA to provide statutory audit and related professional services. TJ Assurance Partners PAC is founded by Mr. Tia Poh Koon who is also the current managing director and audit partner of the firm.



Mr Tia Poh Koon

Poh Koon is a member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountant (“ISCA”), CPA Australia and Chartered Accountant of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants.

His experiences in the audit profession span over 15 years including auditing companies from a wide variety of industries including trading, manufacturing, construction, information and technology, property developer, media, charity, automobile and entertainment, hospitality and services.

Prior to TJ Assurance Partners PAC, he was one of the 3 partners in an audit firm. He has also worked as an audit manager in a big-four accounting firm including 2 years in New York, United States office and in ISCA’s practice monitoring program, a joint collaboration with ACRA to review audit engagements for compliance with current audit and reporting standards.